Why are the Swedes always so happy and satisfied? It’s probably because of Lagom-your lifestyle! We explain what behind it.
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What Lifestyle is Behind It?

We probably all know the word Hygge – but what is the trend behind Lagom? While Hygge is about the coziness and the gathering, which we know above all as a home trend, Lagom is more about it. The Swedish lifestyle embodies a basic attitude that should make it happy with simple means. A Scandinavian formula for happiness every day.

In short, it could be said that “lagom life” means to make everything in moderation-not too much and not too little. It’s about balance, about the intermediate thing, about the amount that fits exactly for you.

Thus, the Swedish formula of happiness is the opposite of abundance-but also the opposite of minimalism. Not too little, not too much-that means living in balance.

What does the word Lagom mean?

The Swedish word (pronounced: “Lohgum“) has no clear origin, there are several explanations. Presumably, the term goes back to the word “lage om “, which describes how the drinking horn of the Vikings in Scandinavia is Rumgereicht ‘reed in the whole crew once and everyone takes only one sip, so that everyone gets something.

Scandinavian Flags

There is no English translation for Lagom-the word just describes a Swedish attitude towards life, which is about moderation, balance and balance and mindfulness.

“It is the foundation of an optimal lifestyle, in which to give and take the balance, without destroying the balance between individuality and group dynamics, ” writes Lola Åkerström in “In the middle lies the happiness “, your Guide to the topic (see Book Tips below). Take a look at one of our previous post about the Scandinavian Holiday Traditions.

Practice Tips: How do I Live on Lagom Art?

Anyone who wants to live Lagom can integrate this philosophy into all areas of his everyday life. This means, among other things:

Do not sneak in road traffic, but also do not rush-with moderate speed you are best ahead. Eating just so much that you are fed-do not eat over, but also do not hold back unnecessarily.

Not to complete everything at home, but also not to live spartanly. Not all living trends participate-just as much own and set up that it does us good (and yes-it can also be all furniture from Ikea).

When working at the right moment, take breaks and relax and come to new powers-besides, you should be on time at the same time as the Swedes.

Keep in the bargain: buying large quantities at offer prices may seem like a good idea, but we also have to store it all and throw away all the more. So buy only what you really need.

Why is Lagom Happy?

It is said that the Swedes have a happy life thanks to their moderate style. In doing so, Sweden does not always appear in the first place in the International Happiness Index-how does it fit together? Well, Lagom is about balance and measure. That is why Sweden is not always the leader in the happiness of life, but is almost always found in the top ten.

Lagom meaning

The Swedes themselves are not so aware of their happiness either. It is just not about perfect ecstasy, but about satisfaction in everyday life. Lagom brings just enough luck that you don’t have to deal with the subject-you don’t always realize happiness, but it’s not unhappy either. Satisfaction through a moderate life level. They also enjoy an unfiltered lifestyle, by that we mean they do not live behind censures everything is simply open to them. The best Canadian mobile casinos at TopMobileCasinos are available for them at all times and every other similar site, so they can enjoy gaming on the go without any restrictions.

Lagom is happy because this way of living is looking at just the right measure. Not too much and not too little-this clever Swedish concept can help us all to be more fortunate in everyday life. Try it out!

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