The Formula of Happiness from Sweden

Why are the Swedes always so happy and satisfied? It's probably because of Lagom-your lifestyle! We explain what behind it.
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What Lifestyle is Behind It?

We probably all know the word Hygge - but what is the trend behind Lagom? While Hygge is about the coziness and the gathering, which we know above all as a home trend, Lagom is more about it. The Swedish lifestyle embodies a basic attitude that should make it happy with simple means. A Scandinavian formula for happiness every day. Scandinavians love to spend their free time with the people they love. A favorite pass time of many is watching sports events at home with friends. You should do the same and gather your buddies for some drinks and watch a game. Take advantage of this one month free trial from an excellent sports streaming service and watch the most popular baseball championships for free.