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The Formula of Happiness from Sweden

Why are the Swedes always so happy and satisfied? It’s probably because of Lagom-your lifestyle! We explain what behind it.

What Lifestyle is Behind It?

We probably all know the word Hygge – but what is the trend behind Lagom? While Hygge is about the coziness and the gathering, which we know above all as a home trend, Lagom is more about it. The Swedish lifestyle embodies a basic attitude that should make it happy with simple means. A Scandinavian formula for happiness every day.

In short, it could be said that “lagom life” means to make everything in moderation-not too much and not too little. It’s about balance, about the intermediate thing, about the amount that fits exactly for you.

Thus, the Swedish formula of happiness is the opposite of abundance-but also the opposite of minimalism. Not too little, not too much-that means living in balance.

What does the word Lagom mean?

The Swedish word (pronounced: “Lohgum”) has no clear origin, there are several explanations. Presumably, the term goes back to the word “lage om “, which describes how the drinking horn of the Vikings in Scandinavia is Rumgereicht ‘reed in the whole crew once and everyone takes only one sip, so that everyone gets something.

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There is no English translation for Lagom-the word just describes a Swedish attitude towards life, which is about moderation, balance and balance and mindfulness.

“It is the foundation of an optimal lifestyle, in which to give and take the balance, without destroying the balance between individuality and group dynamics, ” writes Lola Åkerström in “In the middle lies the happiness “, your Guide to the topic (see Book Tips below).

Practice Tips: How do I Live on Lagom Art?

Anyone who wants to live Lagom can integrate this philosophy into all areas of his everyday life. This means, among other things:

Do not sneak in road traffic, but also do not rush-with moderate speed you are best ahead. Eating just so much that you are fed-do not eat over, but also do not hold back unnecessarily.

Not to complete everything at home, but also not to live spartanly. Not all living trends participate-just as much own and set up that it does us good (and yes-it can also be all furniture from Ikea).

When working at the right moment, take breaks and relax and come to new powers-besides, you should be on time at the same time as the Swedes.

Keep in the bargain: buying large quantities at offer prices may seem like a good idea, but we also have to store it all and throw away all the more. So buy only what you really need.

Why is Lagom Happy?

It is said that the Swedes have a happy life thanks to their moderate style. In doing so, Sweden does not always appear in the first place in the International Happiness Index-how does it fit together? Well, Lagom is about balance and measure. That is why Sweden is not always the leader in the happiness of life, but is almost always found in the top ten.

Lagom meaning

The Swedes themselves are not so aware of their happiness either. It is just not about perfect ecstasy, but about satisfaction in everyday life. Lagom brings just enough luck that you don’t have to deal with the subject-you don’t always realize happiness, but it’s not unhappy either. Satisfaction through a moderate life level.

Lagom is happy because this way of living is looking at just the right measure. Not too much and not too little-this clever Swedish concept can help us all to be more fortunate in everyday life. Try it out!

Scandinavian culture

The Scandinavian culture and also its own design well-being state is actually based on coalition and conformity along with a deep commitment to autonomy and independence: Social worths, including egalitarianism, are actually highlighted and bragging is disapproved.

Geographically, the Scandinavian Headland features what is actually today mainland Sweden and mainland Norway A little component of northwestern Finland is at times additionally considered the portion of the peninsula. In physiography, Denmark is thought about part of the N. International Plain, rather than the geologically distinct Scandinavian Headland mostly taken up by Norway and Sweden. Nonetheless, Denmark has actually historically consisted of the location of Scania on the Scandinavian Cape. Therefore, yet more for etymological and cultural causes, Denmark Jutland on the Jutland cape from the European continent, together with Zealand as well as the other islands in the Danish island chain is actually normally thought about part of the Scandinavian area additionally due to the Scandinavians themselves.

Facilities are great: UCL includes probably an ideal Scandinavian Research studies library outside Scandinavia, and pupils additionally have the outstanding selections from the British Collection close at hand. Exceptional links with universities in landmass Scandinavia, Iceland as well as Finland supply more advantages.

They belong to, yet certainly not equally intelligible along with, the various other North Germanic languages, Icelandic and also Faroese, which are actually fallen coming from Old West Norse. Danish, Swedish, as well as Norwegian, possess, because middle ages opportunities, been actually determined to differing degrees through Center Reduced German as well as conventional German. A considerable volume from that influence was actually a spin-off of the economic task created due to the Hanseatic League.

Scandinavia Before The Viking Age Migrations

Discover the powerful Scandinavia of today by means of this clean, a lot of exhaustive guide of food lifestyles in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, as well as Iceland. The central part from Oslo to Stockholm possesses a sweltering continental weather, which progressively gives way to subarctic climate further north as well as cold marine west coastline climate along the northwestern shore. A tiny place along the northern shore eastern of North Peninsula has expanse climate as a result of the absence of summer months coziness. The Scandinavian Mountains block out the damp as well as moderate sky arising from the south-west, thereby northern Sweden as well as Finnmarksvidda stage in Norway obtain the little bit of precipitation and also have cold winters months. Large regions in the Scandinavian Hills have towering tundra temperature.

In the UK and abroad, the Nordic nations are progressively identified for the success of their political and social style, and for their film, concept, literature as well as meals. Our MA graduates carry their deeper understanding of Scandinavian lifestyle to professions where know-how of the region is actually essential: posting, the arts, commerce as well as relevant information control. Experience in Nordic languages is actually unusual in the UK, and also employer requirement is correctly high. Our MA allows students to develop their Nordic foreign language skill-sets or to make an effort a brand new language. A lot of our grads introduce professions along with translation business and as consultants.

The reduced credit rating on Hofstede’s social measurement from Electrical power Proximity, measuring a culture’s attitude from handling discrimination, presents that of the 3 Scandinavian countries choose a reduction of discriminations in between folks and also prefer to treat each other as identical – both within a personal, in addition to in a service environment, which is actually characterized by a de-centralization from energy and little pecking order.

Scandinavians are considered to be extremely informative as well as people are actually dealt with similarly despite their social condition or background. Gesteland tracks this Scandinavian principle from informality and equality back to the Vikings, that currently had just a little passion in ranks and status variations.

Philip appreciates you state what you suggest, and also you mean just what you point out’ mindset in Danish place of work enabled due to the Jantelov way of thinking and also thinks that this could help United States providers. It assists clarify and it restricts the volume from politicking that takes place ‘” which is an area where employees shed a great deal of electricity as well as focus’, claims Philip.

Philip credits this to ‘ËœJantelov’, a frequently known phrase in the Scandinavian nations. The term was actually generated due to the Danish-Norwegian author Aksel Andemose in his 1933 novel En flyktning krysser site. Sandmose created 10 rules in his book that determined ‘ËœJantelov’, which could be summarized as a concept of impartiality where individuals should not assume on their own as being actually any kind of far better than the remainder of the community. The ‘ËœJantelov’ mindset is not concerning making yourself any minimal, rather this ought to encourage you to see other individuals’ market value.


Geographically, the Scandinavian Peninsula features exactly what is today mainland Sweden and also mainland Norway A small portion of northwestern Finland is at times also considered part of the peninsula. In physiography, Denmark is thought about the portion of the Northern International Plain, as opposed to the geologically unique Scandinavian Headland generally inhabited by Norway and also Sweden. Having said that, Denmark has historically consisted of the region from Scania on the Scandinavian Peninsula. For this reason, but more for linguistic and also social causes, Denmark Jutland on the Jutland cape of the International continent, alongside Zealand as well as the various other islands in the Danish archipelago is actually commonly looked at the portion of the Scandinavian location likewise due to the Scandinavians themselves.

Denmark-Norway is actually the historiographical label for the former political union consisting of the kingdoms from Denmark and also Norway, featuring the Norwegian addictions from Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands Under Danish guideline, Norway nevertheless kept its own distinct laws, coins, and also army, in addition to some establishments like an imperial chancellor. Norway’s aged royal line had actually gone out along with the death from Olav IV, but keeping a genetic kingdom was a vital element for the Oldenburg dynasty of Denmark-Norway in its battles to gain political elections as kings from Denmark.

There are actually 24,000 or even more isles in the archipelago expanding from Stockholm. For a mix of recreation and society, have the 30-minute boat experience to the Isle of Ven, located off Landskrona on the west coast of Skane, south of Helsingborg. Ven is actually a pint-sized gem, merely 3 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide. Galleries, coastlines and also sporting activities are actually the vital destinations for the various Swedes which see the location. A gently pitching plateau, the isle is actually optimal for having a bicycle and also looking into the musician as well as craft centers that populate the garden, though horse-drawn carts and also tractor-drawn wagons could also be actually employed. Viewpoints are impressive: in good weather condition, you may view all the way to the dramatic Oresund link hooking up Sweden and also Denmark. Another interest worth exploring is the gallery, devoted to the pioneering 16th-century astronomer Tycho Brahe.

Historic links off historical times to today’s modern setting appear throughout the city, as well as the informal city center is actually framed by among the greatest salmon streams in Norway. Comfortably located attractions and pastime make it possible for visitors to make the greatest use of their leisure.

Synagogues at extreme latitudes

Viking popularity was greater than a many thousand years ago in 997, Trondheim holds an exclusive location in Norwegian history as well as lifestyle. The geographics from Scandinavia exceptionally differs. Significant is actually the Norwegian arms, the Scandinavian Mountains, the standard, reduced places in Denmark, and the archipelagos from Sweden and Norway. When Finland is included, the moraines (glacial period leftovers) and also pond areas are actually likewise remarkable. The Scandinavian Cape resolutions about 1,245 kilometers (2,000 kilometers) north to south.

The Sami individuals reside in 4 nations: Norway, Sweden, Finland as well as Russia. The total populace in these 4 countries is actually determined at approx. 80,000, of who around half reside in Norway. A little under fifty percent of these folks speak Sami. I Norway, the Sami individuals reside in nearly all parts of North Norway, as well as in Trandelag and in Femundsmarka in Hedmark.

The core part off Oslo to Stockholm has a humid continental climate, which slowly yields to a subarctic environment more north and also cold aquatic west coastline temperature along the northwestern coast. A little region along the northern shore east of North Peninsula possesses expanse environment due to lack of summertime heat. The Scandinavian Mountains block the moist and also light sky originating from the southwest, therefore northern Sweden and Finnmarksvidda stage in Norway receive the little bit of precipitation and also have cold winters. Sizable regions in the Scandinavian Hills possess alpine expanse weather.

Vadsa Isle is one of the destinations from Footprints in the North, which displays that there were considerable Norwegian settlements here in the 16th century. Contemporary Vadsa, throughout the bay, may be achieved walking when the tide is low, which is actually only exactly what the initial inhabitants did in the seventeenth century when the primary from the community we understand today was being actually developed. The oldest certifiable traces of settlement get back 9000 years over time.

The welcoming and also laid-back town atmosphere echoes a caring mindset that abrades on you. The title lifestyle city” has actually been created for Vadsø. This due to the fact that lifestyle leaves its own result listed here, along with numerous noteworthy events, one of the most prominent of which is actually probably the Varanger Festivity, which takes place in August annually. This is North Norway’s biggest jazz music celebration.

Our grantmaking helps ensure that Indigenous fine arts and cultures from the Upper Midwest, Montana, Idaho, the Pacific Northwest, and also the Southwest are actually much more deeply understood, extra extensively engaged in, and much more generally recognized. We build up networks from Native musicians, supporting their livelihoods as well as assisting areas of method throughout these areas to flourish sustainably.

Some destinations worth a browse through is actually the Nidaros Basilica, Norway’s nationwide retreat, constructed over the tomb of Constructions began in 1070, however, the earliest parts still around are from the center of the 12th century. Primarily in the Gothic design, along with the oldest parts around the transept in Roman type. The Archbishop’s Royal residence, (Beside the Basilica). The earliest nonreligious property in Scandinavia. Work with that began in the second half of the 12th century, as well as this was the Archbishop’s Residence till the Reformation in 1537.

Historic links coming from old times to today’s sophisticated atmosphere are evident throughout the city, as well as the close community center is framed through among the very best salmon waterways in Norway. Comfortably found attractions, as well as recreation, make it possible for site visitors to earn optimal use their extra time.

The union between Sweden as well as Norway was dissolved in 1905, after which Royal Prince Charles of Denmark was actually elected master from Norway as Haakon VII. Though the inaugural festivity possessed a built-in supporter base in the Scandinavian community, the celebration’s recognition met beyond Scandinavian cultural teams and households from the dancers. Everyone came,” Tinner claimed.

The People of The North

Established by King Olav Tryggvason from Viking prominence more than a many thousand years back in 997, Trondheim holds a special spot in Norwegian past history and society. Denmark-Norway is the historiographical title for the former political union including the empires from Denmark as well as Norway, consisting of the Norwegian dependencies from Iceland, Greenland, as well as the Faroe Islands Under Danish guideline, Norway nevertheless kept its own separate regulations, coins, and also military, and also some companies like an imperial chancellor. Norway’s outdated royal line had disappeared with the death from Olav IV, yet preserving a genetic kingdom was actually a necessary aspect for the Oldenburg dynasty from Denmark-Norway in its own struggles to succeed political elections as kings of Denmark.

As a cultural and historic principle, Scandinavia could consist of Finland as well (from the much larger location Fenno-Scandinavia), usually apropos of the nation’s lengthy background as a component of Sweden. Although Finland is culturally carefully related to the various other Scandinavian nations, the Finns form a specific linguistic as well as nationality, along with a Finno-Ugric population that has actually incorporated features coming from each Eastern and Western Europe.

The Roman growth attempt in the direction of the north was stopped by the Teutoburg forest in North-West Germany. Within a few days, a Germanic tribe organization annihilated the Roman military and their following of even more compared to 20 000 folks. The Roman reputation was actually greatly hurt.

Some of the richest time frames in the Nordic area, particularly in southerly Scandinavia. The conditions were actually geologically and topographically quite like those in the modern-day Scandinavian garden, however, the temperature was actually milder. A best is felt to have actually emerged during the course of this period, an Ephraim Wolff Koritzinsky class along with feasible roots in the social construct of the fight ax people.

The Swedish master also designed a unification from Denmark, Norway, as well as Sweden into a solitary united kingdom. The history of the proposal was the turbulent events during the course of the Napoleonic wars at first from the century. This war caused Finland (formerly the eastern third of Sweden) coming to be the Russian Grand Duchy of Finland in 1809 and also Norway (de jure in union with Denmark due to the fact that 1387, although de facto addressed as a province) becoming individual in 1814, but after that swiftly compelled to approve an individual union along with Sweden. The reliant regions Iceland, the Faroe Islands, as well as Greenland, historically component of Norway, remained along with Denmark in accordance with the Treaty of Kiel. Sweden and also Norway were thus joined under the Swedish sovereign, however, Finland’s addition in the Russian Realm omitted any possibility for a political union in between Finland as well as some of the other Nordic nations.

The ordered basic foreign languages from Scandinavia are frequently classified as coming from either an East Scandinavian division (Norwegian, Danish and also Swedish) or a West Scandinavian branch (Brand new Norwegian, Icelandic, and also Faroese).

The Scandinavian Languages

The Scandinavian languages are actually, as a language family, completely unrelated to Finnish, Estonian, and Sami languages, which are actually Finno-Ugric languages distantly related to Hungarian. Due to the near distance, nonetheless, there is actually still a large number of incoming Swedish and also Norwegian foreign languages in the Finnish, Estonian, as well as Sami foreign languages.

For individuals which are actually researching Scandinavian languages, simple Norwegian is actually often the first language discovered. This is actually considering that Norwegian is extremely much like written Danish, and also incredibly like oral Swedish. They could thus easily grow their knowledge additionally.

UCL Scandinavian Findings is actually the biggest individual Scandinavian team in the UK. Our research study, as well as training, covers the languages, literature, lifestyles, backgrounds as well as national politics of the whole entire Nordic area, ranging coming from the Viking Center Ages to the present day.

“The lush farmland, waterways, and gulfs teeming with fish, and a pleasant temperature tempted Scandinavians to the Pacific Northwest,” says Leander. She keeps in mind that many Scandinavian immigrants contributed in reconstructing Seattle after the Terrific Fire from 1889, which ruined much from the area’s center. Today, the waterfront area from Ballard, which attracted Scandinavian fisher in the 1850s, is house to Nordic flags, galleries, monoliths, as well as festivals throughout the year.

The Dano-Norwegian union was formally dissolved at the 1814 Treaty of Kiel. The area of Norway proper was actually ceded to the King of Sweden, but Norway’s international belongings were actually always kept through Denmark. Nonetheless, extensive Norwegian resistance to the possibility from a union with Sweden generated the governor of Norway, dental crown royal prince Christian Frederick (later Christian VIII of Denmark), to contact an element assembly at Eidsvoll in April from 1814. The installation prepared a liberal constitution and elected him to crown from Norway. Observing a Swedish intrusion during the course of the summer season, the peace conditions defined that Master Christian Frederik must surrender, but Norway was actually to keep its own self-reliance as well as its own constitution within a personal union along with Sweden. Christian Frederik officially relinquished on August 10, 1814, as well as returned to Denmark. The parliament selected King Charles XIII from Sweden as king of Norway on November 4.